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Feel Good Friday:

Yeah it’s that time of the week again, time to share something we enjoy. This time it’s one of my favs, BkingAndy’s “Enjoy Riding” video. This video is what inspired  me to go ride the Black Forest in Germany this past year. 

He unfortunately was killed this past summer by an inattentive driver, this goes out to Andy. RIP Homie

Arduino 101: Toma de contacto

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Wake Lock, control total sobre wifi o la cpu de tu smartphone

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Pasar a mirar!!

Aplicaciones Android para controlar tu Arduino

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That’s a big squeaky duck.

People keep asking me where they can buy this giant squeaky duck.

I don’t want to break your hearts, but this may have been photoshopped a tad. 

You can buy the normal sized Kooky Mallard if you like. It will last a corgi approximately 12 minutes.